7 Nights / 14 Nights / 21 Nights / 28 Nights

Detox & Boost Immunity

All human beings have a basic immune system. Efforts to improve the natural mechanism of immunity of the body play a key role in preserving optimum health. A natural way of prevention to fight off diseases and strengthen our immune system is needed in this world. A healthy lifestyle following proper health guidelines will help you to get a good immune system naturally. Ayurveda-based lifestyle with the guidance of an expert will boost your immunity to acquire a healthy life.

It is very important to detoxify oneself and remove body toxins to get rid of the diseases and make one’s immunity strong and sturdy. Toxins cause sickness as the weather changes and may slowly accumulate diseases causing long-term destruction. We seek to understand the root causes of the problem, helping you to get relieved through our detox treatment.

Every part of your body, including your system, functions better when shielded from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies. We focus to enhance your immunity with this effective package that includes ayurvedic medications, medicated water, external treatments along with lifestyle and dietary modifications. With our Detox & Body Immunity package, we come very close to this wish.

Packages available for 7 nights/14 nights/21 nights/28 nights that include:

  • Accommodation in classical/deluxe room
  • Two ayurvedic treatments every day
  • Ayurvedic treatment sessions of 90 minutes duration
  • Daily Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily 60 minutes of Private Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily Ayurveda diet recommendation
  • Unlimited supply of customized medicated herbal water during and after each treatment
  • Three ayurvedic meals every day
  • Two mid-day healthy snacks
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration during the stay
  • Forest walk during the stay
  • Ayurveda class by the Doctor
  • Yoga class by a Yoga teacher
  • Use of swimming pool