7 Nights / 14 Nights / 21 Nights / 28 Nights

Soukhyayush - Healing Process

The pandemic of this century has been touching a major number of human beings on this planet. Post Pandemic damage to the body has highly increased in recent days. The respiratory and digestive systems are observed drastically at the low-performance end.

Ayurveda offers the best way of treatment for Post Pandemic symptoms, as it owns natural remedies for swift healing on interior parts of the body. While analyzing the pathology of COVID-19, it is often understood with the concept of Jwara in Ayurveda which distresses the bodily humor, tissues, sense organs, and mind. Treatment principles for the Post Covid symptoms thus encompass a good set of concepts that focus on bodily humor, digestive fire, bodily constitution, and site of disease which aids to reinforce the impaired circulation of body fluids, metabolism, and nutrition.

The improper management of this disease may contribute to functional impairment of multilevel systems within the body. So, it is the need of the hour to specialize in targeted therapies with an integrative approach to beat the sequelae related to this pandemic. Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation have a potential role to engage the community in creating a more positive healthy environment.

Au Revoir - Vaidyam offers a suitable "Goodbye" package for these symptoms through "Soukhyayush" which contains different types of purificatory treatment and external treatment like Abhyangam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Urovasti, Rooksh pinda swedam, etc. Embrace this customized Ayurveda package, for experiencing the potential of this traditional method of treatment.

Packages available for 7 nights/14 nights/21 nights/28 nights that include:

  • Accommodation in classical/deluxe room
  • Two ayurvedic treatments every day
  • Ayurvedic treatment sessions of 90 minutes duration
  • Daily Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily 60 minutes of Private Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily Ayurveda diet recommendation
  • Unlimited supply of customized medicated herbal water during and after each treatment
  • Three ayurvedic meals every day
  • Two mid-day healthy snacks
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration during the stay
  • Forest walk during the stay
  • Ayurveda class by the Doctor
  • Yoga class by a Yoga teacher
  • Use of swimming pool