3 nights / 5 nights / 7 nights

Swasthya Chikitsa - Preventive Health care

According to Ayurveda, Dinacharya, an Ayurvedic daily routine that promotes self-care through different daily activities plays a crucial role. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle by following Dinacharya (Daily Routine), is a simple solution to any health-related problems and is vital to promoting a harmonious balance between mind, body, and soul.

Although Ayurveda has an in-depth treatment protocol for various sorts of health conditions, the prominent aim of Ayurveda is the prevention of disease and the promotion of health through diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda provides a set of guidelines in Dinacharya to assist us to achieve optimum health.

Today’s fast lifestyle leads us to the negligence of healthy habits, thus giving chances to many lifestyle-related diseases. The principles of Dinacharya are most relevant at this point. External Oleation/Abhyangam is the most vital daily routine in Ayurveda. It's an Ayurvedic ritual massage therapy to warm up muscles, loosen trapped endogenous toxins, and improve circulation. Abhyanga oils could also be edible grade, plain or made up of a recipe for deeper healing. The advantage of daily Abhyangam gives a more smooth, strong, and charming body and also prevents aging. We provide daily Abhyangam and Swedanam/Steam Bath to ensure complete preventive health care through this package.

Packages available for 3 nights/5 nights/7 nights that include:

  • Accommodation in classical/deluxe room
  • One ayurvedic treatment every day
  • Ayurvedic treatment sessions of 90 minutes duration
  • Daily Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily 60 minutes of Private Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily Ayurveda diet recommendation
  • Unlimited supply of customized medicated herbal water during and after each treatment
  • Three ayurvedic meals every day
  • Two mid-day healthy snacks
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration during the stay
  • Forest walk during the stay
  • Ayurveda class by the Doctor
  • Yoga class by a Yoga teacher
  • Use of swimming pool