Shirodhara: An Ayurvedic Therapy To Relieve Stress

Shirodhara: An Ayurvedic Therapy To Relieve Stress

Shirodhara, this Ayurvedic term may be familiar to the majority of you, but most of you actually lack adequate knowledge of what Shirodhara is, its benefits, uses, and every aspect of it, right? You may have even gone through various pages that describe Shirodhara but have missed out on relevant aspects regarding this Ayurvedic treatment for sure. If so, you have landed on the right spot. Here we will have an in-depth discussion on every nook and corner of Shirodhara. Reading out this information will help you attain a clear picture of Shirodhara at its full.

So, with no further ado, let’s begin!

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is a more tranquil and therapeutic head massage that has many positive effects on the body and the mind. Shirodhara is therefore superior to a head massage if you think it is good. After applying oil to the forehead, there is a brief massage performed in this procedure. And it really is as soothing as it sounds.

Shirodhara therapy is essentially the application of medicinal oil to the forehead. This treatment involves medicated oil, milk-based solution, herbal decoction, or aqueous formulation, according to Ayurveda. Depending on the therapeutic advantages you're looking for.

The patient in this Ayurvedic therapy rests on their back while receiving treatment. The following procedure involves pouring heated, medicinal oil over the forehead from a specific height. The practitioner then gently massages the oil into the skin as it travels over the forehead and into the scalp.

This type of natural Ayurvedic hair massage has therapeutic effects that make you feel good, which helps you forget about your everyday troubles and fall asleep more quickly.

Shirodhara's advantages go above and beyond those of a typical head massage, which can also strengthen the hair follicles and promote sleep. It's a miraculous procedure that exfoliates dead skin, calms high doshas, improves blood circulation, and moves lymphatic fluids.

Shirodhara, when practiced by a skilled professional, can aid in toxin removal, enhance cognitive function, and lessen mental tiredness.

Know the types of Shirodhara

According to the Charak Samhita and Susruta Samhita, two major Ayurvedic scriptures, Shirodhara is known by a variety of names, including Sirothara, Shiro Sheka, Shiro Parisheka, Shirashek, etc.

In general, they fall into major four categories listed below:

Kashayadhara: A medicinal herbal combination known as Kashayadhara is used during this Shirodhara therapy. The kind of oil and herbs used in this therapy are chosen to take into account the patient's health circumstances and the reason they are seeking the therapy

Ksheerdhara: This form of Shirodhara employs milk that has been infused with plants like vetiver roots, sandalwood, or camphor. Milk is kept at room temperature throughout the procedure.

Takradhara: The Takradhara is a type of Shirodhara that treats patients with buttermilk that has been infused with herbs.

Thailadhara: In the Tailadhara style of massage, one type of oil or a combination of many ayurvedic oils is used.

How Shirodhara works to relieve stress?

A calming effect is produced when medicinal oil or any herbal decoction is applied to the forehead. Peripheral nerves carry this sensation to the hypothalamus. Hormones are controlled or released by the hypothalamus in response to mental or emotional inputs. As a result, secondary hormones become active throughout the body and cause the proper response.

Shirodhara controls serotonin levels as well. A good hormone that helps stabilize your mood and give you a sense of security is serotonin. Serotonin levels that are excessively high have the opposite effect. High levels of serotonin are characterized by excessive perspiration, shivering, a feeling of being sick, restlessness, etc. Shirodhara is an effective therapy for relieving chronic stress and fostering relaxation.

Shirodhara can even balance your mind and body while assisting in the regulation of these hormones. It can ease tension, encourage sound sleep, and quiet a racing mind. Warm medicinal oil can also widen blood vessels and boost blood flow, which improves brain function and combats mental tiredness.

Health benefits of Shirodhara 

Here are the potential health benefits you can surely expect from Shirodhara therapy:

● Enhance sleeping quality

● Lowers anxiety and depression

● Enhance cognitive abilities

● Improves eye health

● Triggers Intuition

Bottom Line

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