Ayurvedic Treatment for Various Nervous Disorders
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Ayurvedic Treatment for Various Nervous Disorders

One of the most perplexing systems answerable for overseeing the human body is the Nervous System. The Nervous system is made up of neurons, an organization of cells that communicate to all parts of the body. It controls the connection between the outer world and the inward system, as well as directions among cells inside our body. According to Ayurveda, the principal dosha that controls the sensory system is the vatha dosha. Saying this doesn't sabotage the significance of the other doshas, as they cooperate with one another and are related. For instance, when we eat, the vatha dosha is answerable for the development of the food to the intestinal system, the kapha dosha greases it and the pitha dosha helps in digestion. Vatha is viewed as of prime significance as to the sensory system. The vatha dosha addresses development, and is related to the prana vayu, one of the five sorts of vatha that dwells in the head and oversees thinking, learning, innovativeness, gathering of data, translation of and response to signals, awareness. One of the great signs of vatha awkwardness for delicate individuals is tension. Tension can capture our innovativeness and consideration altogether. Unsettled tension can change over into constant incapacitating pressure. Vatha needs a harmony among solidness and development to be viable. All Ayurvedic medicines mostly target reestablishing and settling the equilibrium of the vatha dosha. This empowers a singular let go of tension, making the way for greater imagination and calmness. Normal act of dantha dhavana, mukha prakashalana, gandoosha, abhyanga, vyayam, pratimarsha nasyam, dhoomapanam, nidra and so on are medicines that are exceptionally viable in treating sensory system issues. Panchakarma additionally assumes a significant part in reestablishing vitality and health.

Paralysis or Pakshaghat is the loss of the ability to move some or all of your body. Paralysis may be temporary or permanent depending on the causes of the condition. Major causes of paralysis are strokes and spinal cord injuries. Other than this serious autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and Guillain-Barré syndrome, in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells may also lead to weakness, numbness, and tingling and may eventually result in paralysis.

Let us look at some of the nervous disorders and how Ayurveda can cure it:

  • Nervousness and anxiety are an all inclusive human experience which possibly expects clinical importance assuming it is disproportionate to outside events or it endures for a long period.. Treatment incorporates counseling the patient, Nidana parithyaga (stay away from every causative element), Samshodhana treatment incorporates vamana, virechana, vasti, nasya, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, thalapodichil are likewise gainful and the admission of shamana oushandhis.

  • Ayurveda expresses that headache is fundamentally caused because of a delicate sensory system and a debilitated stomach related system. A touchy sensory system influences and diminishes the body's energy. Because of decreased energy, the capacity of the body to battle against issues is lessened. This can make poisons collect in the mind channels, consequently setting off cerebral pains. Inappropriate diet and way of life vitiates the pitha dosha. The irritation of the pitha dosha influences the stomach related system, subsequently prompting creation of stomach related pollutants. At the point when these debasements collect in the mind channels, migraines are set off. Ayurvedic medicines assist with alleviating torment, yet in addition treat the underlying driver. The medicines center around calming the sensory system to re-establish the equilibrium of the vatha dosha and working on the stomach related system to adjust the pitha dosha and capture the gathering of poisons.

  • The Ayurvedic way to deal with treating migraine essentially centers on re-establishing the equilibrium of the pitha dosha in the body, and furthermore targets renewing the energies of the body and mind. The Ayurvedic medicines target at annihilating the disease from its underlying foundations. Different purging and detoxification strategies are directed to restore the stomach related system of the body. Additionally, different medicines (both interior and outer drug) are controlled to calm and reinforce the sensory system. Aside from the medicines, the specialists likewise suggest a diet and way of life plan custom fitted to suit the people's body type and underlying driver of infection.

  • Hemiplegia is the commonest indication of a stroke with neurological deficiency influencing the face, trunk on or both side of the body and limbs. In Ayurveda, it very well may be co-related with pakshaghata. When vata gets disturbed, it evaporates the srotas and snayu (nerves, veins and ligaments) of the body and makes the part unequipped for working and causes loss of sensation. Treatment should be pointed toward treating the reason for loss of motion alongside reinforcing the sensory system to complete its not unexpected capacities for the appropriate working of all pieces of the body. Vasti is the primary treatment for pakshaghata/loss of motion. Abhyangam, Pizhichill (oil shower), pathrapinda swedam, shashtika pinda swedam (njavara kizhi) are uncommonly prompted for pakshaghata.


As per Ayurveda the fundamentals that make up the human body are the doshas (body humors), dhatus (tissues) and malas (squander). Our ill-advised decisions made in regards to the way of life and food propensities, cause awkwardness in the dosha, dhatu and mala, accordingly leading to all issues. To keep up with the dosha in their appropriate way, one ought to follow a directed way of life and food propensities. Additionally, attempted purging treatments frequently assist the body with disposing of the poisons that will quite often gather in the body attributable to different inside and outside factors. This along with meditation and yoga assist in restoring peace and calm to the mind and body.

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