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Welcome to an ultimate retreat at the magnificent Au Revoir Wellness Resort, situated in the picturesque hills of Malampuzha. At a short 12km drive from the Palakkad town, this expansive resort offers a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the allure of cloud-shrouded mountains and lush greenery. Visit to experience the best Ayurvedic treatment packages in Kerala and allow us to pamper your senses. The word ‘Au Revoir’ means ‘goodbye until we meet again’, which is exactly what makes Au Revoir unique. We are inviting you to a world where every goodbye is an invitation to return.

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Relax in a cozy room with soft vibes, soothing light, and top-notch amenities. It's your peaceful retreat, where comfort meets modern luxury for a rejuvenating experience at your fingertips.

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A Premium Holistic Experience,
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Cozily nestled among the green, velvety valleys of the Western Ghats, perfectly in harmony with the Sahyadri Mountain ranges at the Palakkad Pass, lies the Au Revoir Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Palakkad, a hidden gem, well concealed from the hustles of city life. With misty mountains, lush greenery and therapeutic sounds in the background, Au Revoir paints quite a dreamy picture of what luxury looks like. Soak it all in, let it seep into your mind, and take the peace and tranquillity home with you!

Au Revoir Ayurveda Wellness

Where the art of personalized wellness blossoms through the ancient wisdom of ayurveda

History of Hortus Malabaricus

The Hortus Malabarieus is a treasure trove of knowledge, documenting the diverse plant life found in Kerala, including many medicinal herbs used in Ayurveda. Originally compiled by Hendrik van Rheede, the Dutch governor of Malabar, in the 17th century, this compilation of flora from the Malabar region laid the groundwork for Ayurvedic botanical studies. We have adopted the tradition of Malabars Botanicals from Hortus Malabaricus for our Treatment center Vaidyam.

The healing touch of Ayurveda


The Existential Ayurveda Treatment Center

The Existential Ayurveda Treatment Center is a specialty Ayurvedic rejuvenation center headed by a qualified and highly-respected Vaidyan or physician. It is a live-in clinic where the assigned therapist monitors you daily. The medicines are prepared on site, all food is cooked to strict Ayurvedic principles and served at an exclusive restaurant that serves only vegetarian cuisine.


Ayurveda Packages

At the Au Revouir wellness resort, the ancient wisdom of ayurveda comes to life through specialized therapies, promoting rejuvenation and well-being in a serene and luxurious setting.

(Healing Process)
Soukyayush (Healing Process)

The pandemic of this century has been touching a major number of human beings on this planet. Post Pandemic damage to the body has highly increased in recent days. The respiratory and digestive systems are observed drastically at the low-performance end.

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(Mind Rejuvenation)
Prajnamrutham (Mind Rejuvenation)

We care for our body well with a disciplined lifestyle, diet, etc. But we care least about our minds and send the maximum possible workload and stress to them. Management and rejuvenation of the mind to stress-free standards are not happening.

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(Preventive Healthcare)
Swasthya(Preventive Healthcare)

According to Ayurveda, Dinacharya, an Ayurvedic daily routine that promotes self-care through different daily activities plays a crucial role. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle by following Dinacharya (Daily Routine), is a simple solution

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Au Revoir

Your perfect venue

Celebrate your dear one's engagement, wedding, birthday, or exclusive event at Au Revoir Resort. Our beautiful venues at the poolside, amphitheater, and banquet hall, are perfect for intimate gatherings. With a touch of elegance blended with nature, we create lasting memories, especially for destination weddings. Our dedicated team manages everything from planning to catering, ensuring your celebration is uniquely yours. Escape to Au Revoir Resort, where every goodbye is a promise to welcome you back for more unforgettable moments.


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Yoga at the lap of Malampuzha hills

Perched high and secluded from the rest of the retreat is the perfect place for you to do your yoga postures or asanas while enjoying the fresh, crisp air all around.

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