Effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain
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Effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Back Pain

Ayurveda is a traditional method of treating and solving health problems. Treating back pain may be complicated and could encompass treatment, dietary, and lifestyle changes. Ayurvedic herbs are known to be very effective in treating back pain with appropriate diet and lifestyle alternations. The backbone is composed of various segments that consist of cushions with disks. Problems with any of those additives and disks can cause some sort of pain in the back. Back pain can be a dangerous problem if you ignore it regularly. Stress and pressure have an integral part of the modern-day lifestyle and take a heavy toll on your health. As a result of this, most people in today's world suffer from back pain.

Ayurveda has a lot of effective therapies for treating back pain. Ayurvedic treatment will make your back well and ready to lift anything under their proper treatment and guidance of an Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Palakkad over a particular time

Kati Basti :

Kati Basti is musculoskeletal therapy using heat and medicated oils that soften the stiff muscles in the back and restore strength/flexibility of the spine.

Kati Basti is a very effective ayurvedic treatment that heals various ailments connecting to the lower back and spine and is a miraculous Ayurvedic treatment for back pain. Kati refers to waist in Sanskrit. Basti means a container that helps to preserve or retain. Kati Basti helps to relieve pain in the lower back, relieves stiffness and relieves swelling and inflammation in the lower back bones and the soft tissues. This treatment strengthens and soothes the nerves supplying the lower back and legs. It also enhances blood supply to all parts of the back. The natural oil penetrates deeply into the muscle groups and facilitates coping with aches inside the back.

During this treatment, a circle of dough is located at the decreased back. Warm-medicated oil is poured into the dough primarily totally based on the practitioner’s prescription. Kati Basti helps in treating sciatica, digestion, menstruation complaints, and joint problems relieve spinal problems and also calms the mind. The treatment will be followed by Nadi Sweda a localized steam treatment.

Abhyanga :

Abhyanga is one of the effective treatments for treating lower back pain. Abhyanga means massage done with warm medicated oil is an Ayurvedic treatment for back pain that provides relief from back pain by balancing Dosha. It is also a full-body treatment. Rhythmic in nature, it helps to restore our body’s natural flow of energy. Abhyanga encourages the removal of pollution by enhancing lymphatic and arterial circulation and rejuvenates the body by promoting the regeneration of organs and tissues, calms the nervous system, and soothes away stress. With the right measure, back pain can be eased and managed as Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to back pain and focus on treating it from the root. Abhyanga is deep ailment therapy using heat to heal and oils to repair the tissue. Heat increases in blood flow can reduce swelling, assist with pain relief and soften ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Pizhichil :

Ayurvedic Pizhichil is yet another powerful treatment for back pain. Pizhichil refers to “to squeeze”. Pizhichil is the squeezing of heat-medicated oil into the frame of the affected person from a chunk of fabric this is periodically soaked in a vessel containing the medicated oil.

Pizhichil is popularly recognized as “Thailadhara” and is one of the conventional favourites among Ayurvedic therapies. In historic times, this remedy become taken into consideration as a royal remedy and was stated as “the king of Ayurvedic therapies”. A combination of oil and heat therapy, it is used to enhance blood circulation and simultaneously release toxins from the body. It is one of the major roles of Panchakarma in Ayurveda. The medicated herbal oil is squeezed out from the cotton cloth onto the patient’s outer body, followed by a rejuvenating massage. The benefits of Pizhichil treatment are enhanced muscular tone, improved blood circulation, and strengthening of weak muscles.

Swedena :

Swedena is one of the steam treatment procedures in Ayurvedic medical science. The word Sweda is derived from the Sanskrit said, meaning ‘to sweat or to perspire’. It is finished as the primary remedy technique for numerous Vata vyadhi or as a pre-operative technique for panchakarma depending upon your condition

Swedana is a manner carried out to stimulate your sweat glands to grow perspiration and circulation. It increases circulation and reduces inflammation in the back. It reduces numbness, stiffness rigidity, and heaviness. It improves mobility in the back, and also eliminates toxins from the body.

Some of the other Ayurvedic Treatment Packages in Kerala are Vasti (Enema treatment), Sneha Vasti (Enema using medicated ghee), Kizhi (Potli massage), and Kati Vasti( Retention of medicated oil on your lower back) reduce upper back pain and lower back pain. Start your natural and holistic journey with these effective ayurvedic treatments. Retreat your body and soul with Ayurveda!


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