Hair Loss Treatment with Ayurveda in India
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Hair Loss Treatment with Ayurveda in India

Are you worried about hair loss and coping with the condition every day? It is easy to tell you not to be too anxious but the stress and anxiety can worsen the situation more. The reasons for losing the hair maybe your lifestyle and dietary habits or sometimes serious health issues.

Ayurveda describes that the human body is made up of seven important dhatus (body elements) viz. Rakta, Mansa, Asthi, Majja, Rasa, Meda, and Sukra. As the hair is closely related to Asthi Dhatu (Bone Tissue), a decrease in it causes hair loss. The aggravation of Pitta dosha leads to hair fall. One must experiment with lifestyle and dietary modification along with other ayurvedic treatments to balance Pitta.

Major Causes of hair fall

? Poor nutrition

? Inconsistent and irregular lifestyle

? Pollution and climate changes, and other environmental factors

? Anxiety, Stress, tension, and inadequate rest or sleep

? All these factors can lead to excess toxin accumulation in the body.


Hair loss Remedies in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a few remedies that can help you from hair loss (khalitya roga). Panchkarma treatments refer to five therapies, but all the five sorts of treatments are not necessary to treat all hair disorders. Some of the treatments that hold the key to handling these problems are:

- Shirodhara (Treatment of Medicated Oils)

Shirodhara is an effective Ayurveda therapy in which warm fluid medicines (medicated oils, milk, etc.) are poured in a continuous stream over the head in a specific manner. This procedure is most effective to increase circulation and boosting hair growth.

- Shiro Abhyanga (Head massage)

Shiro Abhyanga is an Ayurveda therapy of complete massaging of the head, neck, and shoulders using Ayurveda herbal oils. It is considered an effective dinacharya (daily routine) with multiple health and hair benefits. This Ayurvedic remedy for hair loss helps you to get rid of the hair loss anguishes by enhancing blood circulation to your nerve ends. Shiro Abhyanga helps to bring down the hair dryness, roughness, and breakage, and thus reduces the hair fall.

- Shirolepa (Hair mask)

According to Ayurveda, hair masks consist of medicinal herbs that may help in eliminating dandruff, controlling frizz, repairing split ends, and reducing hair fall. Shirolepa is a very effective Ayurvedic remedy for hair loss.

- Nasya (Medication through nostrils)

This therapy involves administering medicated herbal formulas through nasal cavities to treat different conditions. This procedure stimulates the nerves that connect the scalp and the brain and helps to improve the quality of hair follicles, thus reducing hair fall.

- Diet with Yoga

Ayurveda treatments specifically mention the importance of a proper diet when it comes to Panchakarma therapy. Improper lifestyle and dietary habits and stressful life are some factors leading to depletion of the function of the hair root. Some minor modifications to those factors can prevent hair fall to an extent. Haircare with regular oiling, cleansing, and protection from external factors like chemicals, environmental elements, etc. is necessary to prevent hair fall and keep it healthy.

Before Panchakarma usually, there is some set of actions done, as a preparation for the body to help in the removal of toxins and excess doshas. This eases the procedures of the Pradhanakarma stage. Later, after the Pradhankarma therapy is done the patient may lose some weight and the digestive power becomes weaker. At this stage, a specific diet and lifestyle are suggested to the patient to bring back the digestive power and strength by modifying the diet plan. These procedures are called Pashchat karma which would help you to effectively maintain the healthy status of the body that has been achieved through Panchakarma.

Ayurvedic physicians before starting the treatment for hair fall, try to identify the root causes and then find the solutions to manage them. Further, they initiate the procedures of Abhyanga, lepana, shodhan, nasya, rasayana, etc. analyzing the physical state of the patient, to help control khalitya effectively.

Hair loss can often be one of the main reasons for lack of self-confidence and further emotional suffering that sometimes may result in personal, social, and work-related problems. Many natural remedies also help in maintaining hair health. Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Reetha, Aloe vera, Fenugreek, etc are the most preferred ingredients for maintaining hair health

Quick Tips to control hair fall:

- Do not brush wet hair

- Drink enough water.

- Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

- Include raw vegetables and salads in your diet.

- Ensure adequate sleep

Ayurvedic beauty treatment in Kerala dealing with the overall well-being of the body includes skincare, hair growth, eyesight, hands, and nail care. Au Revoir Wellness Resort, Palakkad offers you effective procedures based on the ancient Ayurveda treatment for hair loss that nourishes your hair and helps it to grow naturally. Visit our resort to get the best health retreat experience in Kerala.


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