Au Revoir : A unique blend of luxury hospitality and the bespoke wellness

Au Revoir : A unique blend of luxury hospitality and the bespoke wellness

Au Revoir Wellness Resort is a selection of exquisite private serene spaces, crafted with utmost care amidst the reserve forests tucked into the misty mountains of Malampuzha - Palakkad. A new experience in the true essence of hospitality and the bespoke wellness will inspire you to make frequent visits to this magnificent resort. The combination of the beautiful landscape of God’s own country and the traditional Ayurvedic treatments for wellness ensure the rejuvenation in a heavenly abode.

Serene beauty of Malampuzha

A perfect destination for nature-lovers with calm and comfortable settings, Au Revoir is situated about 15 kilometers from Palakkad city off the ring-road along the Malampuzha Dam - the largest reservoir in Kerala.

The dam, along with its amusement parks and gardens amidst the rubber plantations and the reserve forests, is one of the most popular picnic spots near Palakkad, Kerala. Situated on the lower hills of Western Ghats, the irrigation dam's beautiful landscape make this a must-see place for the visitors.

This warm welcoming heritage - Au revoir, with the elegance of structure in a serene ambience and it's attractions with tastefully architectured lobby, business area, coffee shop and the multi cuisine restaurant will take you to a different world.

Exceptional Destination

Au Revoir being the best resort in Palakkad is a perfect destination extending the diverse range of wellness including ayurvedic therapies and yoga retreat. The picture-perfect environment set up away from the often crowded environs of the dam permits undeniable fun with breathtaking moments.

The attraction towards Ayurvedic and herbal drugs are that they assure physical and inner wellness without any side effects. Our body and mind gets benefited by these natural herbs supporting us to gain health.

Forestallment as well as creation of the body's own capacity for conservation and balance is the purpose of Ayurveda. It can be used safely as an alternative remedy; and as the treatment includes non-invasive and non-toxic medicines, can be taken alongside conventional curatives as well. All kinds of ailments from acne and allergies to serious conditions of hypertension, diabetes and heart complaints also can be treated with Ayurveda.

Shield of Natural herbs

Medical tourism is introduced to be a new form of niche tourism and the patients in the advanced world are looking overseas, especially India as an important hub for traditional ayurvedic medicinal healing. Kerala being the land of natural herbs assures the safest non-toxic natural herbs in healing and serves to be the best holidaying place that offers ayurvedic treatments with uncompromised quality.

Au Revoir ayurvedic treatment center understanding the magic of Ayurveda herbs in rejuvenation gets you different packages for wellness. With a healing sound in the background, and it's lush greenery ambience Au Revoir paints quite a soothing picture of luxury. Let it transcend into your mind, and take the peace and tranquillity home with you.

Meditating minds - Recall the Yogis

Au Revoir - one among the best Ayurveda Resorts In Palakkad, extends a hand to discover the ultimate wellness therapies, from Yoga and Mindful Living to Meditation for self-reflection and realization. Yoga and ayurveda are two complementary aspects on the path of wellness. Au Revoir spreads a way to attain mindfulness through yoga in a serene, secluded, fresh and crisp ambience.

Experience Sattvic Diet

The three broad dimensions of diet according to Ayurveda are, Tama (slow, lethargic, bland), Sattva (purity, harmony), Raja (hot, spicy, fast). Scholars identified Sattvic food as the purest form of diet and also marked it as suitable for those who follow a yoga regime. It helps in nourishment of the body ensuring maintenance of a peaceful state. When you stay calm, your body gets purified.

The resort focuses on diverse packages of conventional therapies like Panchakarma, Kayakalpa and even more healing therapies to intensify the beauty in you. Adhering to the strict Ayurvedic principles, medicines are prepared on site, all food cooked and served at an exclusive restaurant that serves only vegetarian cuisine.

With a live-in clinic and the assigned a well qualified and highly-respected Vaidyan or physician to monitor you daily, Au Revoir offers a unique healing experience.

Diet - Right decisions

Eating a healthy diet is also crucial as the Obsession of following the right posture for yoga asanas. As yogis prefer leafy vegetables and dairy products that are easily digestible and do not pollute one’s internal system. In fact, yogis mentioned that diet being an integral part of yoga not only helps in encouraging a mindful eating practice but also supports and nurtures your yoga regime.

Beauty Hussles

The deep desire of being in good shape and maintenance of health is attracting everyone towards Wellness centers for an experience of luxury travel. Ayurvedic treatment packages in Kerala, has a vast tradition of the spices and herbs from the gifted land, and are providing authentic healing and Wellness.

Au Revoir Ayurveda Treatment center Palakkad, with its profoundly transforming Wellness is set to accelerate, driven by modern consumer's desire to look good at all times.