What skin treatments make you look younger
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What skin treatments make you look younger

No one likes to look aged with those visible fine lines on their faces. As you know, the skin is the largest organ in your body, and the aging process reflects on your skin. As the majority of people don't like to admit the fact that they are getting aged, it is common to lose the elasticity, glow, and youthfulness of your skin as you age. Many studies have proven that aging is directly linked to your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, and environmental conditions. So, how far you stay healthy and fit from within helps you look young and healthy. 

Recently, skin care treatments are gaining huge popularity. Everyone longs for youthful skin, just like in your 20s without any side effects. If quality skin treatments are your concern, then there is no treatment other than Ayurveda. Scientific studies and clinical reports indicate the effectiveness of Ayurveda in protecting your skin and keeping them younger. As Ayurveda addresses the root cause of your skin health issues, it ensures significant positive results for all body types, ages, and genders. So it's possible to reverse your aging process and signs with the natural treatment, Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda and skin care 

As aforementioned, Ayurveda targets the root cause of health problems and solves them effectively and safely. When it comes to skincare using Ayurveda, the natural treatment helps to improve the overall health of your skin by keenly considering the skin type. Also, this treatment using natural ingredients will help in cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin to keep it healthy. Mixing the natural ingredients in the exact ratio acts on your body to cleanse, detox, exfoliate, and rejuvenate, which supports attaining healthy and youthful skin. The anti-aging formulations in Ayurveda aid in enhancing and maintaining the overall beauty of the skin. 

Some of the well-known herbs that support anti-aging include:

? Neem 

? Turmeric 

? Eucalyptus 

? Ashwagandha

? Myrobalan 

? Rosemary

? Ginger 

? Basil 

? Sage 

? Lavender 

? Green tea 

? Clove 

? Horsetail 

Skin Types and Ayurvedic skin treatments 

According to Ayurveda, our body is governed by three elements; they are the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Considering these elements, Ayurveda provides efficient treatments that help reverse aging, rejuvenate, and restore the natural beauty of your skin.

An imbalance in any of these three elements will result in altering the smooth functioning of your body. This is the primary reason for causing skin health issues. If you are diagnosed with any imbalance in the Kapha element, it is more likely that your skin results in losing its moisture. In case of Vata imbalance, your body will get subjected to lower blood circulation throughout the entire body parts. The lack of adequate nutrition supply throughout the body will affect the health of your skin. And the final one is the Pitta imbalance. The imbalance in the Pitta element affects metabolic function that in turn results in forming reactions on your skin. 

All these imbalances in the elements can easily be cured. The Vata imbalance or Vata Dosha can be treated by dehydrating and nourishing the skin using Ayurvedic warm oils. Massaging using these oils will help to regain the natural moisture level of the skin. Now, Pitta imbalance or Pitta Dosha can be cured by taking some effective Ayurvedic medications as prescribed by a health care professional. The issues in Kapha or Kapha Dosha can be treated by cleansing your skin, massaging using warm oil, and exfoliation.

A Look into the Ayurvedic skincare therapies 

In this section, we will discuss the natural therapies that will help your skin look healthy and young.

Complete body wrapping using neem: In this therapy, the tan and other dull covering on the skin that takes off the majority of your beauty gets solved. Direct and deep exposure to the sun could cause tan and other issues that affect the skin. In this treatment, neem leaves infused with eucalyptus oil with high soothing properties are used. Using this will help the skin look bright and smooth.

Sandalwood body wrap: This type of wrap helps to restore the softness of your skin. Fresh sandalwood rich in antibiotics helps to clear the skin and keeps them moisturized and glowing.

Fruit body wrap: In this type of wrapping, your skin will benefit from the goodness of all potent fruits keenly selected to enhance the overall health of your skin. The fruit pulp is good for cleansing, toning, and conditioning the skin. This provides a youthful flow to your skin.

Kayalepam: This Ayurvedic treatment helps to eliminate dead skin cells that support restoring the natural tightness of the skin. It helps reduce wrinkles and supports the complexion.

Darvi lepam: Exotic herbs are used in this therapeutic body wrap. The hand-picked natural herbs with high medicinal values will help make your skin nourished and smooth.

Haritakalepam: This therapy is for skin rejuvenation. The aromatic paste of keenly selected natural ingredients provides all the essential nutrients and minerals to the skin. This helps to keep the son moisturized, nourished, and cleansed.

Bottom Line 

If you are one among many who wish to keep your skin healthy and young, you can achieve it through Ayurvedic treatments. Now, if you are inquisitive to know from where you'll get the best Ayurvedic beauty treatment in Kerala, Au Revoir tops the list with their outstanding Ayurvedic treatments from experienced experts and excellent service. Also, they are renowned for their Ayurveda Rejuvenation Therapy Kerala and other related treatments. Visit the official website of Au Revoir and get to know the treatments they provide in a uniquely natural way, with all its quality and safety. 


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