Why Ayurveda is Better than Allopathy
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Why Ayurveda is Better than Allopathy

You may have heard about ayurvedic and allopathy treatments.  But when it comes to which one stands first in curing ailments of all types, do you have a straightforward answer to this query? If not, it’s time to know the fact that ayurveda, the safe and effective medical system with historical roots, is the best than allopathy. 


In this article, let’s take a deep look into ayurveda and allopathy. Also, we’ll delve deep into what makes ayurveda stand unique and how it provides the best treatment over allopathy.


So, with no further ado, here we go!


What is Ayurveda?


Ayurveda is a holistic approach that uses all-natural methods to treat ailments without causing any side effects. The ayurvedic treatments support achieving and leading a healthy lifestyle. All the treatments are based on ancient scientific proofs and evidence using natural substances such as herbs to enhance health and overall wellness. Ayurveda targets the root cause of the disease. So, it helps cure the disease and its symptoms, which will help restore your health. Also, in ayurveda, it keeps an eye on balancing your mind, body, and spirit. Such a deep rejuvenation is done to fight disease and promote good health.


A look into Allopathy


Allopathy is a medical practice that is used to treat disease using evidence-based, conventional therapeutic measures. In allopathy, medical professionals treat diseases using radiation therapies, surgery, and drugs. Widely known as mainstream medicine, it includes clinical examinations and screening to diagnose and confirm the disease. Treatments are provided depending on the doctor’s expertise, specialty, and experience. Though it uses a wide array of technologies, the consistent use of medication may risk your health. This type of treatment causes an allergic reaction, unexpected side effects, and harmful interactions. 


Why is Ayurveda better than Allopathy?


In this section, we’ll go through all the information that details the prominent aspects of ayurveda over allopathy.


  • Ayurveda cause no side effects


Ayurveda, the traditional method of healing, makes use of natural treatments. Ayurveda is very much closer to nature as it solely includes plants and herbs that improve the health of patients. So, ayurvedic medicines are nothing other than hand-picked natural ingredients like plants, extracts, and herbs. This makes ayurveda free from adverse side effects. 


In the case of allopathy, the drugs used for the treatment are manufactured and synthesized in laboratories. They may cause mild to severe side effects that negatively impact your health. 


  • Ayurveda focuses on and treats the root cause of disease


Ayurveda treats diseases by following five great elements. It tackles the root cause and not just its symptoms. In ayurveda, the treatments are carried out by balancing the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By focusing on the root cause of the ailment, ayurveda provides holistic healing that helps to fight the problem from its root. Thus, it helps you stay free from all the concerns related to health issues.


In allopathy, other than finding the root cause and treating it, ‌doctors provide drugs that help to lower the symptoms. This will never help you get free from health problems. 


  • Ayurveda provides personalized treatments


Whatever your health concerns, ayurveda treats the ailment by deeply understanding the real cause of the problem and your current health condition. As no two cases are the same, ayurveda provides personalized treatments that help to clear the disease from its root. So, ayurveda ensures a permanent cure that helps improve your well-being. 


In the case of allopathy, if people are suffering from similar health conditions, they all get treated with the same drugs or procedures. This will never help to cure the disease. It will only deliver you temporary relief. 


  • Ayurveda treats chronic diseases


Ayurveda and its working principles have been proven to heal and manage all chronic diseases. The effective treatments and the use of ingredients in the perfect ratio help to cure chronic illnesses such as heart problems, obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, migraine, etc. The ayurvedic treatments even aim to maintain a healthy mind and body.


Despite the advancement in medical treatments, allopathy is inefficient in treating many chronic diseases. It fails to cure diseases like arthritis, piles, obesity, etc.


Bottom Line


Ayurveda uses a unique way to enhance your overall wellness and well-being. It safeguards your body from illness and keeps you mentally and physically fit. Allopathy, on the other hand, fails to clever safe results and will never help you attain mental bliss. So, with no doubt, ayurveda is the best treatment that helps in relieving stress, accelerating physical balance, boosting immunity, and much more. 


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