Resort Policies

01.Booking & Guest Policies:

  • Check-in time: 14:00 hrs IST (Check-in are allowed only till 23:00 hrs) and Check-out time: 12:00 hrs IST.

  • It is mandatory for every guest to present a Govt approved valid Photo ID at the time of check-in. Valid IDs are: Passport, Aadhaar, Driving license and Voter card. Every foreign guest at all our resorts must carry and present their passport and a valid visa (in originals) during the time of check-in.  Please note that Pan Card cannot be shown as a resident of India proof.

  • Please note that, being a wellness resort, we have strictly restricted the use of alcoholic drinks & Smoking at the resort.

  • Please also note that we do not allow any pets inside our property.

  • Right to ADMISSION is reserved.


  • We will be providing a full credit but no refunds on any cancellations received 1 week prior to the arrival date. You will be able to use the credit amount (equal to the booking amount) for any future bookings at Au Revoir.

  • All Ayurveda booking requests will be confirmed at a 50% advance payment at the time of booking.

  • The reservations made at the resort are non-transferable. Therefore, it is mandatory for the guest in whose name the booking has been made to show up.

  • For all communications related to cancellations, write to us on with details such as Booking ID and Guest name.

03.General Policies:

  • Visitor (Non-resident guests) timings: 1000 – 1900 hr. In case the guest wants to meet the visitor, they can do so in our waiting area or common spaces. Note, visitors are not allowed inside the rooms, at any time.

  • Resort management shall not be held responsible for any loss of luggage or personal belongings. Guests shall make sure not to leave their belongings unattended at all times.

  • If the guest’s behaviour is deemed unfit at the property, at any time during the stay, the management reserves all rights, upon subjective evaluation, to ask the guest to vacate the premises and no refund shall be processed in these circumstances.

  • Breakfast timings: 0800 – 1000 hr. However, at times, breakfast timings may change and the same shall be informed prior to all guests staying in our Resort.

  • Alcohol, Drugs/Substance abuse is STRICTLY prohibited at our resort. In case anyone is found possessing or consuming Alcohol or drugs during their stay, strict action shall be taken against him/her and the person would be asked to vacate the resort immediately.

  • Our resort are CCTV enabled for safety, security and checks/audits reasons.

  • Guests shall be liable for any damage except normal wear and tear to resort assets. Guests shall keep the resort room in a good condition, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Extra mattresses shall be provided, at an extra cost.

  • The guest shall be deemed unfit to continue any further in case of: Alcohol, drug abuse, non-adherence of guest and booking policies, misbehaviour (Physical/mental/verbal or in any kind), theft, personal hygiene, vandalism, trespassing, non-payment/delay in payment of dues, other guest inconveniences or any such unwarranted actions. In all such cases, the guest shall be asked to vacate the premises immediately without any refund.

04.Covid guidelines and hygiene Policies:

  • We shall accommodate people as per guidelines issued by the state or the central government and all guests are advised to adhere to it strictly.

  • Thermal checks, travel history, luggage & footwear sanitisation shall be done on arrival.

  • Our staff is trained specially for post Covid-19 hygiene & cleanliness measures to ensure your safety.

  • Cleanliness policy: 3 times per day (Clean, sanitise, repeat)

  • Timings of common spaces, kitchen, play-area, etc. may be restricted to ensure 100% cleaning & social distancing measures as per management’s discretion.

  • Our restaurants are also sanitised 3 times a day to ensure servicing our guests with freshly prepared food.

  • All guests are advised to be 100% compliant with GOI or state guidelines & documentations.

  • Guests are advised to strictly follow management guidelines & ensure social distancing at all costs.