7 Nights / 14 Nights / 21 Nights / 28 Nights

Remove Stress & Strain

Stress has become an inevitable and most unwanted companion of our life. Stress can be anything that constitutes a threat, real or apparent, which might adversely affect the organism. They are often induced by several factors like environmental changes, extremes of temperature, restraints, fear, rage, anxiety, grief, and pain. Stress becomes “distress” when the individual is unable to cope with it. Ayurveda recognizes distress as ‘sahasa’ that plays a crucial role in causing several diseases. Ayurveda advises avoiding sahasa because it adversely affects the entire human body. Ayurveda reaches a root-cause diagnosis and treats the problem with a personalized approach.

Ayurveda's perspective implies that stress and anxiety are caused by an imbalance in Vata Dosha. We are specialized in balancing the Vata dosha to usher in more peace and calm within the mind. In Ayurveda, various therapies are available for stress reduction and anxiety management. It relaxes the complete body, and gives a feeling as the whole system is rebooted. It is time for a fresh start. Au Revoir, one of the top Ayurveda Resorts In Palakkad, provides effective Ayurvedic Treatment For Stress Relief in Kerala. We provide different types of head Oleation (Shiro Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Takradhara, Shirovasthi, etc) and nourishment to the brain that relieves the stress and helps the people to feel good. Focussing the complete rejuvenation, this package mainly includes the treatment for anxiety disorder, insomnia, stress, burnout, nervousness, etc. Au Revoir offers various types of authentic Ayurvedic Treatment Packages in Kerala

Packages available for 7 nights/14 nights/21 nights/28 nights that include:

  • Accommodation in classical/deluxe room
  • Two ayurvedic treatments every day
  • Ayurvedic treatment sessions of 90 minutes duration
  • Daily Doctor’s consultation
  • Daily 60 minutes of Private Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily Ayurveda diet recommendation
  • Unlimited supply of customized medicated herbal water during and after each treatment
  • Three ayurvedic meals every day
  • Two mid-day healthy snacks
  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstration during the stay
  • Forest walk during the stay
  • Ayurveda class by the Doctor
  • Yoga class by a Yoga teacher
  • Use of swimming pool